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About | Healthy Body Clinic & Resort

About Us

To drive a lifestyle of wellness through holistic approach to curative medicine.

Our Story

Have you encountered a love one passed away after being attended to by well “experienced” and “good doctors” and you are so helpless because there is nothing you can do? Have you heard that word from a doctor – “there is nothing else we can do for you”?


With tears in my eyes and frustration in my heart, I vowed that it will never happen again, even when I was not sure what to do then as a very young girl, just turn 17years and just lost my dearest mum to cancer when we needed her most. We did not quite understand what it was in those days. I did not know much about nutrition, but I was very much interested in “good” food. My mum was the best cook God ever created, but we never knew the difference between eating tasty meals and eating living food, particularly in time of illness. I was always sick as young person, in and out of hospitals. As I grew up I became more interested in healthy eating, that lead me to study Nutrition, Health Education, and Nutritional therapy which is my practice today. I have attended a lot of international health conferences and I’m also a member of the Complimentary Medical Association (CMA) in the UK.

The establishment of the Healthy Body Clinic & Resort was a journey of my life, and passion for saving lives through living food, as I have seen it work in my life, and the life of others. HBC Resort became one of Nigeria’s foremost Health farm and wellness Resort. My passion about living food grown the way God intended it to be with its total unadulterated complex mixtures of bioactive compounds, led me into organic farming, where we grow all our herbs, teas, vegetables, grains etc. for health therapies, and our kitchen use.

Living food indeed radiates vibration and because its natural, our natural body can easily absorb it, and that is why, when we treat clients with pure organic based micro and macro nutrients, the results are awesome and we have a lot of testimonies. This is why we are bold to say, “Money Back Guarantee” if you don’t get well.

If the food we eat can make us sick, the right food can save lives and this has been proven time and time again, at the clinic.

Indeed pure living food has the capacity to give anyone a new life, as it has given me, my family and a lot of others who have made up their mind to choose the healthier and better option – Nutritional therapy which has no side effect.

Our Vision

Is a dedication to helping our clients achieve a lifestyle of wellness, productivity and pleasure through living foods, exercise & nature.

Our Mission

To drive a lifestyle of wellness through holistic approach to curative medicine.

Core Values

C. Customer Satisfaction
I. Integrity
T. Team Work
E. Excellence

Living Food

Our farm is a medium size organic farm dedicated to producing quality products for the well being of our clients as we believe that unadulterated living food is vital for optimum health – hence the wonderful unique taste and aroma of our teas and herbs, filled with that natural compounds.

We produce our own organic liquid fertilizer & compost, use in growing our teas & vegetables.

We invite you for a cup of our tea – indeed it’s heavenly!

  • Judith N. Ogedengbe

  • Lawrence Ogedengbe
    Operational Director
  • Funmi Adefeko
    John Maxwell Certified Coach
    Life Coach
  • Emeka Madubuogor
    Sales Director

Let’s Work Together

Through our Academy for Lifestyle Medicine, we can help you achieve a lifestyle of wellness, productivity and pleasure with living foods, exercise & nature.